Business Rates Appeals

All nondomestic properties in the country are assessed with a Rateable Value (RV). It is the basis upon which local councils then calculate rate liabilities based on the nondomestic multiplier. We have the expertise to assess whether your RV is correct and capable of being appealed by the check, challenge and appeal process (CCA).

The current rating list commenced 1 April 2023 and RVs are based on hypothetical rental values as at April 2021. We have the ability to identify comparable transactions at the valuation date to consider whether a RV is correct and deal with the CCA.

Business Rates Audits

The calculation of business rate liabilities is complicated by government intervention and the relief system. We are able to consider whether a business rates demand issued by the council is correct, by considering effective dates and reliefs and consequently minimising your liabilities.

Empty Rate Mitigation

Following legislative changes, the government has penalised landlords and ratepayers of vacant space, by making them liable for business rates at the same basic level as occupied properties, after an initial rate-free period. This represents a double burden for landlords paying full rates at a time when a property is not rent producing; a tough financial hit just when you least need it.

There are numerous opportunities to mitigate these liabilities lawfully. We work with various providers to deliver savings on empty business rate liabilities and have successfully advised on empty rate mitigation strategies since 2010. With case law changing frequently, you can be assured that we can deliver expert and time-relevant advice to ensure these liabilities are minimised.

One-off Business Rate Recovery Services

You might well have received a letter from us, highlighting that our research has identified a potential recovery of business rates. We do not send out letters to keep Royal Mail in business; based on our analysis we are trying to contact you because we genuinely believe we can put money back into your pocket. Our approach is not speculative, nor do we litter the country with these letters – we are a regulated firm and cannot make unsubstantiated claims.

Alternatively, we might have been recommended to you, or you may simply have heard that there’s often a possibility to reclaim business rates and you’re wondering how it works.

Either way, it won’t cost you anything to find out more about our business rates rebate services.